Are You Using Facebook Messenger to Its Fullest Potential?

January 09, 2020

Are You Using Facebook Messenger to Its Fullest Potential?

In the past, Facebook Messenger was just a way to chat with friends or keep in touch with relatives. Now Facebook Messenger could be one of the most powerful tools online for brand presence and customer engagement. A Nielsen survey showed that messaging is the second-most popular form of communication for customers when interacting with brands.

Why Facebook Messenger for Business in 2018 is an Absolute Must

Facebook Messenger has changed and let’s face it, the chat-centric feature is now a part of many brand’s advertising strategy. Times have changed. But we’ve known for years that the best marketing ploys involve connecting with your audience and doing so where they live.

While Facebook offers the opportunity to pay for display advertisements and banners to enhance your reach, mounting evidence suggests people are tired of seeing too many ads in their social feeds. If you’re concerned about over-saturating networks, you need to get attention elsewhere.

The good news is using Facebook Messenger for business can offer an alternative way to engage your audience, earn loyalty and improve social reach. It’s important to know Facebook Messenger:


  • Earns 15 times more engagement than standard ads
  • Appeals to 73% of your customers, which is more than phone (44%) or email support (61%)
  • Helps resolve issues faster and often within 42 seconds


Business & Brand Awareness

In the past, Facebook Messenger for business wasn’t seen as a viable source to engage customers. Brands saw more value in one-to-one interactions on networks like Twitter. And while that’s still a useful and critical tactic for your social media strategy, many simply didn’t know how to harness the power of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook took note of this and began making changes. Now the Facebook Messenger 2.0 comes with a feature called Discover, which helps customers learn more about any business, start conversations or book an appointment.

Customer Empowerment

If Facebook’s M or chatbots prove anything, it’s that providing brands with better ways to connect to customers is high priority. There are roughly 100,000 chatbots in use on Facebook Messenger and that number is only growing.

In the early days, bots on Facebook were plagued with problems and many still lack the ability to place orders or resolve customer issues. That’s why it’s important to use the right bot-building platform if you want to give your customers an experience they can trust.

Facebook Messenger & Improving Revenue

Facebook Messenger recently rolled out traditional marketing solutions for customers. In July 2017, the brand introduced image-based ads for messenger, which allow brands to send coupons, banner ads and more in an instant.

The messenger upgrades also deliver opportunities to create new revenue for your brand. For instance, Uber, one of the early adopters of Facebook Messenger, created a direct channel for their customers to hail rides through the app.

Are You Using Facebook Messenger to Its Fullest Potential?

As an application that reaches a billion people , Facebook Messenger has a lot to offer growing companies. Not only can you use this system to generate more awareness, but you can deliver stronger customer experiences.  For your followers, this only enhances brand loyalty. Get in touch today and let us show you how Facebook Messenger can take your business to the next level!


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