Getting Creative With Your Instagram Content

January 30, 2020

Getting Creative With Your Instagram Content

Running out of topics for your Instagram posts? Struggling to stay at the top of the feed while Instagram continually makes it harder to see high engagement? Here are 6 ways to consistently create original, relevant, and exciting content for your followers.

1. Take Followers Behind The Scenes

Followers love behind-the-scenes content. It creates transparency that allows followers to relate to and build a connection with your business. Showing your followers what goes on behind the scenes also builds trust and is a refreshing change of pace after a feed full of product images and ads.

2. Repost Content From Followers (User-Generated Content)

User-generated content is some of the most persuasive and engaging content you can use, and your followers want to see it on your Instagram. It shows your followers how people like them are using your product or engaging with your business. In addition, it shows that you’re engaged with your community, which will promote more user-generated content in the future.

Encourage user-generated content by letting users know what you want to see and by giving them a hashtag they can attach to their image or asking them to tag you in their photos for the opportunity to be reposted on your page. This will also result in some free marketing, as their followers will see them interacting with your business and lead to more visits to your page.

3. Get Ideas From Your Competitors

Take advantage of the fact that you can look up what your business’s competitors are up to on Instagram. Look through their posts and see which ones generated the most engagement with their followers. Think to yourself about what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Compare their posts to yours, pay attention to the differences, and figure out what you can take away from their page and add your business's voice to. This way, you will not only collect ideas for your posts, but you will also be able to identify the secrets of successful competitors’ posts, which will help to improve your content strategy in the long run.

4. Look On Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that will give you tons of creative ideas based on your search query with information ‘pinned’ from all over the web. Here, you can get ideas for topics such as cooking, fashion and style, travel, fitness and beauty, architecture, home design, and more.

Pinterest posts contain links to the original source, which are usually articles. Don’t skip materials in foreign languages, as they can often provide untapped topics and unique perspectives and ideas.

5. Showcase Your Employees

Content that shows off your employees is a great idea for Instagram. Content created by your employees is even better. This is a way to show users the human side of your brand, making it easier for them to form an emotional connection to you and trust your business more. One way to do this is let an employee run your Instagram for the day, taking your followers through a day in the life at your business from their perspective. This is a great way for your followers to see a more intimate site of your business and it is very unlikely that any of your competitors are doing this!

6. Run An Instagram Contest Or Giveaway

Looking to get a lot of engagement quickly and generate buzz for your business? Contest and giveaways are a great way to go about this. Contests and giveaways are a unique opportunity to get people talking about your brand and can yield great dividends in the form of social proof and user-generated content if done correctly.

To make the most out of a contest or giveaway, offer a prize that’s relevant and specific to your target audience, even if it may not be appealing to a general audience. Remember that it’s more important to get engagement and entries from users who could actually become customers than somebody who just wants a prize.

If you have any questions or need additional help with creating content for your business, get in touch today!

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